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QOTD- What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

It’s that time of year again. My favorite time of year.

The weather is getting cooler and the leaves are changing. Kids are headed back to school and companies everywhere are taking advantage of the month’s extremely pun-able name with sales events like Trucktober and special programming all Shocktober long.

This is a very special time. But the promises of low APR and special episodes of sitcoms where everybody dresses up in crazy costumes only a professional could have pulled off aren’t what keep me coming back, autumn.

It’s the movies. The scary movies. I love horror movies and this is the time of year to watch ’em.

I’m about to sit down and set up an itinerary for my upcoming month of spooky favorites. No joke. Word file, on the desktop. I might call it something simple, like “Scary movies.” More likely, I’ll go all Cryptkeeper with it and use a pun for the title. I’ll probably sit for an hour or so trying to think up an original one before going with something generic and embarrassing like “Creature Features.”

Nevertheless, I am really excited to do this. But I might need help. I know there are scary movie experts out there. Gimme some suggestions.

I might need something good to follow the double feature of Slither and The Innkeepers I’m planning for this weekend.




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I'm a writer and a camper and a keeper of fish. I was trained as a flight instructor and work day jobs and write nonsense for public consumption (hopefully).

4 comments on “QOTD- What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

  1. The Running Son
    October 1, 2013

    The new 50 Shades of Grey movie in production sounds promising as a bone rattler. We’ll call it horror until a better category is created.

    If no experts chime in there’s always C-SPAN. Now *there is raw unedited suspense happening around the clock, and without commercial interruptions.
    Happy October (:

  2. Mess
    October 2, 2013

    I am writing one now.

    I am going to call it, “VP of Puppet Shows and Convoluted Thinking” or “How to Survive Your Job.”

    Trust me, it’s terrifying.

    I love Creepshow 1 & 2. “The Hitchhiker” is the best. “Thanks for the ride, lady!” And he is bloodied and holding a sign that says, “Derry.”


  3. Mess
    October 2, 2013

    Actually, the sign says, “Dover.”

    hashtag stephenkingscrewups

  4. Troy
    October 8, 2013

    The Afterlife starring Liam Neeson and Justin Moore

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