QOTD – October 2 – What’s Your Poetry?


We spend quite a bit of time talking about what we think words mean, and what makes poetry relevant in today’s world, but we don’t spend enough time hosting events – or at least online events. So, we are going to use today’s Question of the Day to entice you to show us your poetry.

Here’s the incentive: We’ve been asked several times to share our own writing. If we get 10 comments on this QOTD, showing us your poetry, we will show you our poetry.


What is your poetry?


  1. The Running Son

    ⋚ Megatrend 2013 ⋛

    We made statements
    and claimed mind states
    (mainly self-help created)
    that we based our fate,
    ephemeral reputations, and chatty self-hate on,

    All for profit and non-stop.
    We were caustic
    Pentecostals babbling
    off-topic gnostic glossolalia
    claiming we were really not—just talking shop (merely

    We faked lame-ass ghetto
    baptisms where guns
    were stashed, paid greenbacks
    to get death inked in (fitting–once
    bitten) like rivals to Cain all marked in falling teardrops,

    Because behind half-lidded
    smiles hid miles of
    black sickness and vitriol
    deep in intestinal fears
    and old cell walls; critical tear ducts were blocked
    with gall.

    We placed blame,
    took prisoners, trickled home
    insane–-post traumatic
    and disorderly, drinking
    40′s, coughs raging. One entire mad decade gone

    50 Cent gave us 48 laws:
    at first we coughed up
    50 cents, then with
    uncommon sense we
    scoffed, paid two pence more to scratch two off, both

    Love the Lord thy God with thy
    and love thy neighbor as thy…
    who? wtf?
    Then what, appear like we’re fucking
    by Jim Aldrich

      1. jake ruff

        I wrote this for 9-11
        “Sightless Made to See”:

        I will never forget the day,
        when terror found its sightless pray.
        What made the victim see is now barely a memory
        to you or me.
        We walk streets just like any other day
        not think of the people who no longer pass your way.

        With the will of God they did not die in vain,
        with His strength and their avengers strain.
        Today is not just for the mourning of pain
        but also a memory for how ours and theirs freedom reins.

  2. Tonianne m

    Poetry to me is a short piece of writing (not more than two pages) that the writer is very passionate about. Something that shows an enormous amount of emotion for something in a small amount of space. So I guess basically the writer could go on forever about this but chooses not to, that’s poetry.

  3. T'Mera

    I wrote a piece my freshmen year I don’t remember the name of it but I’m going to use it as what my poetry is.

    If I had a choice
    to always tell the truth
    I would.

    But fear is what holds me back
    from [accepting the consequences
    I might face].

    My life goals assure me security
    in the future
    but cloud my true dreams.

    If only life would treat me like I treat it,
    then I would be spontaneous.

    I can say hope has taught me a big lesson about life.

    Hope is like the light
    at the end of the tunnel
    that can easily be
    switched off.


    disappointments ruin many
    present opportunities.

    But my
    achievements will hide

    the scars left inside.

  4. Nathan James

    poerty to me is raw feeling that people have that they try to put into words but a lot of it is not understandable because it is raw feeling that can only be understood by the people who have felt it before.

  5. Jayden

    to me poetry is art. its a form of expression that humans have used for a very long time and is still highly effective to this day. most people use poetry for romance or hardships but anything is poetry as long as it comes from your heart. Thats what i truely believe poetry is. MY poetry has veried, in the earlier stages of my life i was more of a romantic but then i declined to a more depressed state and wrote more dark poetry. i dont write poetry very often any more but when i do its just as strong as i used to write.

  6. Lilli Crisostomo

    i could be content with a canvas and paintsnear a busy city full of factories
    i could be content sitting next to an old train station alone
    i slowly begin to lose myself
    but begin a me and better chapter right after
    i could be content alone watching a comedy
    it doesn’t mean you can intrude
    you know nothing about me
    and i know nothing of you
    the things i do, the things i imagine, the things i think
    have nothing to do with you

  7. Jacobus

    My poetry isn’t words on a page. My poetry is dance. Most people can’t read, or can’t read well. But anyone who can see can see movement. I see dance tell a story, and that how I tell my.

  8. Haley hanks

    Poetry to me is when you express how you feel or what you are thinking through writing . Poetry can help people feel good about themselves.

  9. Dana Fletcher

    I can’t rhyme and I don’t have time
    But poetry is something that is specifically mine.
    Usually, poetry is what I use to pray
    Because I’m thankful for everyday.

    Poetry, to me, conveys a message in rhythm.
    Similar to how Shakespeare used Iambic Pentameter, poetry makes a tale more pleasing to the ear.

    My favorite, by Ralph Waldo Emerson:

    For each new morning with its light,
    For rest and shelter of the night,
    For health and food, for love and friends,
    For everything Thy goodness sends,
    We offer thanks, Amen.

  10. Tupre Wickliff p.3

    Poetry is a way people express themselves. It lets them be whoever they want to be, and allows them to let there thoughts spill out on to the page.

  11. Joseph Walkley

    Poetry is an expression of the spirit and mind in sinc with one another and just going onto paper without anyone judging you.

  12. Mariah Small

    When I think of poetry I think of music. You get to tell whatever story you want in a short amount of time/pages. You can tell it about yourself or about no one in particular. The nice thing about poetry is that no one has to know who wrote it unlike music. And they both allow you to get a message about life.

  13. Denis fadin

    A poem is almost like a song. You can make it fun and rhyme or not. It’s a fun ways to express what’s on your mind and what you feel.

  14. Mary Hosack

    I think poetry is a flowing story. It can be a song or an actual piece of poetry but in my opinion it is something that flows and works well together. It should be something that influences your emotions and makes you feel something.

  15. kentrel

    No swag:
    No swag means I dont have money
    No swag means my dress wear is funny
    No swag means I don’t sag my jeans
    No swag means I get more expansive clothes fresh and clean
    No swag means I’m not worthy to be seen
    No swag means I dont do the same thing like you teens
    No swag means I cant follow my dreams.
    Because your all swag you have to be like everyone else.
    Without swag you learn to be yourself.
    Swag is just a word of nonesense.
    And turned into a word that hurts all human conscience. When you think you have swag to show, just look in the mirror and see if yourself glows.

  16. darcie daniel

    Poetry is something that doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be short and mean everything. Poetry is someones feelings and/or thoughts. It shows emotions that can be so basic but have a lot of meanings.

  17. Cassidy

    I believe that poetry comes in many shapes and sizes. It’s when your heart and mind come together and create something beautiful. Just flowing through your fingers because your soul is expressing itself. That truly amazes me.

  18. Kristen

    I used to think you were my whole life.
    I used to think I had everything.
    I used to think that we were on the same page.
    I was wrong.
    You took everything I had and threw it away.
    You left me when I needed you most.
    I was lost without you.
    And now im on top and you are lost.

  19. laceylavin

    To me, poetry is a good way to express your feelings and a good way to write down something you’re really passionate about. Writing poems doesn’t take very long, and I think that is what helps to get the point of something across so strong.

  20. Riley Ellison

    Poetry should be one expressing the way they feel or feel about a certain topic. Good or bad poetry is there whenever you need it.

  21. Arianna Burleson

    poetry is like a status with emotion. it can be short it can be long but no matter how you write it, you try to get your point a crossed with as much emotion as you can.

  22. Robert Long

    Poetry is a person’s feelings in many words. They convey emotions through little line and paragraphs we call stanzas. Each one is a message to the reader. Each poem is a unique work of art.

    1. Elorha Heide

      I never said what poetry is. I believe poetry is words or lines of rhymes or hymes that mean something special to the person who wrote it.

  23. Bailey Edman

    The dark night used to be such a delight
    Until, I met someone who had given such fright.
    No one can help me now, I’m just alone in the crowd.
    I shall be strong, as my mom once said
    You’re never really livin until your dead.

    *I’m not depressed, I can explain all aspects, if need be :)*

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