Best of The Daily Prompt – 10/2

“Puppet Shows and Convoluted Thinking”

By Melissa Wright  

(Prompt – “The first she finds is a hand…”)

The first thing she finds is a hand,
She thinks, “Puppet Show. That’s what this place needs!”

It does not.

Hot doors, unlocked doors, misaligned doors,
These, are cause for concern.

Puppets should never be a concern. And never four months worth. And never, never, never should we Focus on puppets!

$62,000,000, yet, she is still thinking of the puppets. Some are store-bought, and those still required a Broker. A puppet broker.

The newspaper called.
They want to learn more about the expensive puppets. I say nothing I want to say and things I don’t.

The last thing she finds is a hand;
Bidding her goodbye.


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