The Daily Prompt – October 9 – Love Poem


1. Use the prompt in the way it’s intended (starting a sentence, the title of the piece, theme, etc)

2. You may write in any format you see fit (fiction, non-fiction, poem, song, script, etc.)

3. Post your piece of writing in the comments section of the website to be considered for the ‘Best Of’ section.


The Prompt: 

The “love poem” is probably the most difficult poem to write because it can be so incredibly corny. So, give us your best 4-line love poem, and let us be the judge as to whether it’s corny or sincere.

39 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt – October 9 – Love Poem

  1. My heart is joyous when you are near me,
    My soul is sad when you are far away
    My eyes make sure it is you that I see
    My love how I wish you could stay

  2. All I see is red
    My love for you is dead
    Every time I think of you all I feel is dread
    Everything you’ve said is gone from my head

  3. One day, my crazy lady demanded, “come to bed!”,
    gazing at me shadily and famished, like the undead.
    Bowels evacuating, I exclaimed, “I’m gay! Got the AIDS!
    Got no glov—” She shut my face up with her head.

  4. Love does not let me sleep at night
    Love brings a smile on every face
    Love is considered the most important in life
    Love brings the strongest to their knees love

  5. Love is blind.
    You dont know who you’ll fall inlove with.
    I fell inlove with you while you faked it.
    Now Im the one faking the “love” you have for me.

  6. Love makes you weak
    Love makes you foolish
    Love distracts you
    But for you I’ll be all those things because I love you.

  7. Love is strong with the right person
    Love is patient when you know it is worth it.
    Love is hard and confusing at times
    But with love I believe everything is possible,

  8. Love poem:
    love is a river that flows through matter.
    Sometimes love ends in a horrible disaster.
    When i think of a love poem i think of feeling.
    Though love is a word of how to be happy.
    Love can’t be stopped by no man or et being.
    simply love is the emotion to care.
    Even if you have a heart tear , family will always help you through there.

  9. Love is a thing that fools only write about
    Yet love is in thing that fools of us
    For love isn’t real, so to feel it is foolish
    Love my friend, is a fool that control fool into writing foolish things about fool who trick them.

  10. Love is deep
    Once you fall it’s hard to get back up
    Love is for the hurt ones
    The ones who are willing to risk it all

  11. You’ve been here for me, for as long as I can remember, I would turn to you.
    I learn every day how truly blessed I am, each day you show me why I love you.
    In desperate times , in happy times, in the times forgotten, and times treasured.
    You ,who I turn to and will never turn away from, my heroes, my providers, my supporters, my parents.

  12. Long have we traveled the world
    Seeing sights rivaling the stars,
    But all of natures finest sights
    Cannot match up to you.

    Period 4

  13. We’ve been together for a year
    At first I felt a lot of fear
    But now that I have known you longer
    My love continues to grow stronger

  14. My love had fallen so far deep
    That my heart, forever you will keep
    And eternity will pass and I will not see
    but only the sheer joy you have brought me

  15. Love is your smile, the look in your eyes
    Love is what drives you, makes you push yourself to be better
    Love is most powerful weapon, and can bring people to their knees
    Love is the way you hold me the way you whisper in my ear”i love you”

  16. A lover’s life consists of neither roses nor violets
    But weeping and frustration is usually common
    Although the outcomes aren’t usually that great
    A trying lover’s heart will home more quickly than a lover who is scared of heartbreak and trial.

  17. Your smile is where i fell.
    I fell in love with your smile when we sat there and became friends.
    The smile that told me everything was gonna be okay and that you would always be there.
    Your smile reminded me that there is still love in this cold world.

  18. Love is like a weed or love is like a flower
    It can be good
    It can be bad
    You are who chooses what love really is

  19. Love has many faces.
    What you may think is love may simply be lust.
    Though with a different side love can be pure and wonderful.
    I saw so lustful faces of love.
    I’ve finally found that one true love.

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