QOTD- How Did That Song Get Stuck In My Head?



At this point, I’ve gotten so used to having tiny headphones in my ears that I don’t even notice they’re there any more.

Many are the times that I will go to get up from my desk or take off my jacket only to be startled by the feeling of something tugging on my head. It’s only then that I will realize that the pleasant tunes I’d been enjoying hadn’t emanated from my head fully formed like some sort of grungy Athena from Seattle. Rather, they had been the result of the Genius function on my iPod, taking a Pearl Jam song and running with it. The realization always bums me out a little.

When I was a young dreamer I used to imagine a world where my favorite music followed me everywhere I went. I found myself disillusioned with repetitive radio stations and frustrated by portable cd players that skipped with every step. Little did I know that a genie in a turtle neck named Steve Jobs was about to grant me that wish, and that soon everyone would be walking to class like a zombie, staring at the ground and wandering in front of traffic with buds in their ears and a never-ending stream of music at their fingertips.

There were a few unforeseen consequences. People speak to each other less now, but they walk in front of moving trains more. It also had the effect of causing me to internalize the music that I am now able to listen to at all times. It has given me the ability to get songs stuck in my head constantly. No trigger is too small. If I read two words on a billboard that also appear prominently in a song I am familiar with I immediately hear the melody in my ears. It then moves into my brain and hangs out there until I am thoroughly baffled by its presence, having forgotten about the billboard that started it all almost as quickly as I read it.

“Walking on Sunshine? Where’d that come from?”

“When was the last time I listened to Meat Loaf?”

“Who sings that song that’s like, ‘bah bah be be dah bah, bababa’?”

These are thoughts I have several times a day. I’m not saying I blame Apple and their products for my fraying sanity, but they aren’t helping.

What song is stuck in your head today?

Is it awesome? I bet it isn’t awesome.



  1. Troy

    The song stuck in my head.. I don’t have it stuck in my head anymore, but the last time I had a song stuck in my head, it was “More Trucks Than Cars” by Craig Morgan from the Album “This Ole Boy”

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