QOTD- Mischief Night?

*The Poetry Question does not condone mischief or hi jinx or unruliness of any kind. Stay in school. *


Something about this time of year makes my eggin’ arm get twitchy.

Tonight is October 30th. Devil’s Night, according to some obscure tradition I might be remembering wrong and the opening sequence of The Crow. I think its also sometimes called Mischief Night, which, unlike the flaming hellscape of late nineties Detroit presented in Brandon Lee’s swansong, I think more accurately conveys the spirit of the season.

When I hear the word ‘mischief’ I think of harmless fun. I think of breaking the rules, but in a relatively innocent way. Like Harry Potter. To have maximum fun, the rules must sometimes be bent, ever so slightly. It is for that reason that holidays like Halloween exist. Society needs an outlet. People can only behave themselves for so long until they have to cut loose.

I remember this concept being explained to me in a totally different context as a tea kettle with no whistle. If you took a kettle, filled it water, sealed it up completely and then set it on the stove to boil the imminent explosion would almost certainly destroy the kitchen. Its the same with people. They have to let off some steam or they will blow.

I remember being so excited as a kid to leave my house as the sun went down on Halloween. Running down the street with my pockets full of eggs and my head full of dreams. I remember just as vividly the sensation of broken eggs in my cargo pants. Karma is real, you guys.

Whether its running around the neighborhood in a mask like a maniac or just allowing yourself to turn off the lights and be scared by a movie or a book, how will you make mischief this Halloween?




  1. Vinny A.

    First, you should want to go out on Mischief Night and be smart about how you do it. Most kids in New Jersey don’t do that anymore. Next, you have to have the balls to do some egg bombing (Close up, of course, because throwing them can cause injury.) and not be afraid to get a little dirty. Then you have plan out your route, placing eggs along the way (So you don’t get caught with all the eggs and end your night.) and pick out a few people to bomb. It was all in my webpage, “The Other Mischief Night Page”, that I had up from 2000 to 2004. I think that kids can still have Mischief Night, and be safe, and NOT have to hit cars and houses.

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