Question of the Day: What’s Your Spirit Animal?



Of course that is what I want to say, but sometimes I think its only because it sounds weird to say dog. Specifically my dog. In all honesty if I could be any animal it would be my dog, Puddy. His life is pretty great.

But if I’m understanding the idea of a spirit animal correctly, its not just a punchline or an animal that you like. It is an animal that embodies characteristics that you admire. I admire wolves for being strong, loyal and for how great they look printed on t-shirts. But there are a lot of other animals I admire too. I’m looking at my fish tank right now, and it strikes me that the rummynose tetra is a pretty damn good animal. A small, schooling fish that reaches a little over two inches when mature, the rummynose is often used as an early predictor of water problems in freshwater aquariums. The bright, red head on the fish becomes pale as water quality deteriorates, allowing steps to be taken before livestock starts to die. So, they have that going for them. Plus, lots of times Petsmart will have them on special for a dollar a piece.


So, it’s either a wolf or a rummynose tetra.

Maybe it’s a rummynose wolf. Like, a wolf with a drinking problem.

Yup. My spirit animal is drunk wolf.

Top that.


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