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QOTD – Too Much?

Today is the opening night of our show.

I had to teach a full day with no planning period.

Question  -what do you do when you have too much to do?


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Lover of words, liver of life, director of theatre, keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts. Twitter: @JamaalAllan

2 comments on “QOTD – Too Much?

  1. JG Allan
    November 15, 2013

    Apparently I write really weak and unappealing QOTD’s.
    Question of the days?
    questions of the day?

  2. Madison Kauffman
    January 28, 2014

    What I do when I have too much to do is listen to music or walk. I need to clear my head from too much stress and breaking down. There’s a lot that could be going on and that does go on that makes me stressed. I think what you do when you have too much depends on the person.

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