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QOTD – Musical Connections…

This morning, Spotify 90’s radio played Colorblind by Counting Crows while I was brushing my teeth.

Obviously, if you are my age, when hearing this song, your mind automatically rushes to Ryan Phillipe riding up an escalator to stop Reese Witherspoon from getting on that airplane.  It is unavoidable.

The Summer of ’69 always reminds me of the summer of ’99.  We listened to the song a lot that summer and, while that summer would no longer be considered “the best days of my life” there is something in the lyrics, feeling, and sweet, sweet Bryan Adams crooning that captures and speaks to youth– that feeling of having the world in front of you and at your feet.

In that moment, I was atop the world  with College, the real world, and adulthood waiting for me but yet to challenge me.  The world of childhood had been conquered and the rest was waiting to topple.

In my newly acquired sentimentality, that summer could be the inciting incident that lead to my education, my career, meeting my wife, becoming who I am… but when I look back now, that summer seemed to last forever.

When I hear Three Little Birds by Bob Marley it always reminds me of Azlan.  Sometimes I remember the good times and I laugh and laugh uncontrollably.  Sometimes I cry because he left us to soon.

QOTD What songs elicit strong memories or strong emotions for you?


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