Why The Poetry Question?

We weren’t always a blog, you know.  We started as children.  One in Southern Oregon, one in Central, and one in the No-Po* area.  As children we were read to and told stories and, as some children do, we fell in love with the world of words.  For, what is the world if not words?

Then we became students.  Often cynical, often sarcastic, and most often about half as smart as we thought**.  As students we wrote.  And spoke.  And read.  And discussed.  And wrote some more.

Then we got some degrees.  Bachelor’s.  Master’s. A piloting license.  Some teaching credentials.

And then there were students and not all of them loved the written word.  Or the spoken word.  Or the poetry that surrounds them.

And one student asked, “Why are we even studying poetry?  It’s not even relevant any more.”

And then came the question, “What is the relevance of poetry in today’s society?”

And the discussion was wonderful.  Celebrities, authors, emcees, artists all jumped into the Twittersation.  The topic was explored 140 characters at a time– poetic in its own right.

Then came the blog.  Then came the attempt at furthering the discussion.  Then the questions– always with the questions…

But we never answered the fundamental question at the core of this project.  Why are we doing this?  Why do we prompt you to write every day?  Why do we ask questions about poetry, about books, music, and the world around us?  Why do we write?  Specifically, why do we write this?

Because we must?  Because we should?  Because we want to?

I firmly believe the ability to use language both accurately and beautifully is the greatest gift of mankind.  I firmly believe this is not only an artistic or aesthetic tool, but also a necessary tool for success in our society.  For, what more than vocabulary separates the lawyer from the layman when entering into a legally binding agreement?  As we move more and more digital do we want to assume they’ll know what I mean or do we want to ensure we are understood?

There are no big words and small words, there are words you do not know and words you do know.  Love is a four letter word consisting of one syllable.  So is hate.  Simple to spell, simple to pronounce,but you must know either to use the words properly.  Once, and if, you truly understand these words, you move on to big words like loathe, abhor, execrate, adore, infatuation, respect, cherish, and selflessness.

But the purpose of this page is not to pontificate***.  We want to talk.  We want to talk to you.  We want to use our words to discuss our (collective) use of words.

We want the booklovers, wordwrites, literati, and scholars to mingle and bask in the glory of language, but also to mingle with the apathetic and uninspired.  To explore and discover the true beauty of words.

But why?

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