QOTD – Zombie Apocalypse!

Okay, let’s be honest for a minute- at least on some level you are excited about the prospect of a zombie apocalypse.

Have you heard that there is a parasite somewhere in some jungle that attaches itself to ants and kills the host from the inside, then continues to animate its body in search for food (including cannibalism)?  They’re even calling it the zombie virus.  Even though it’s not a virus.

When it comes to the zombie apocalypse there seem to be three types of people:

-Convinced it won’t happen.

-Afraid it might/will happen.

-Excited it will happen.

Which camp are you in?

Secondarily, if the zombie apocalypse were to happen, what type of person would you be?  What’s your first move?  What skills do you bring to a post-apocalyptic world?  Is poetry relevant anymore once most people are eating brains instead of using them?



  1. brian reyes

    I would be the kind of person that would be excited for a zombie apocalypse. My first move would definitely be to find a weapon and a place to camp. I play lots of call of duty so I guess my profession would be aiming at the target or something? And once the zombie apocalypse starts I’d be in survival mode so I wouldn’t pay too much attrition to poetry.

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