Making the Jump to the Digital World




I have been struggling with reading the last few years. Not in the sense of being unable to actually read words, but rather with actually sitting down, grabbing a book, opening said book, and reading the words on the page. Much like being a lazy writer, I was finding that I was also a lazy reader. I would start and stop books simply because I didn’t want to take them with me, or because it had become an inconvenience, or because I could make any excuse possible for not wanting to read away from what I teach. It was sad, and frankly, I was sad because of it.

I have struggled with idea of moving to an e-reader. I love the feel, and smell of a book, and the thought of holding onto another device just wasn’t sitting well with me. That being said, I’m attached to my phone like it’s a 6th finger, and I figured that maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea to add another device into my world, because maybe I’d reach for that instead of a book.

So, last night, I made the leap into the digital world, and bought myself a Kindle Fire HD. I worried that it would feed into my ADD brain, and that I would be distracted by all the pretty colors and fun apps, but surprisingly – at least so far – I’ve read almost 150 pages of Slaughterhouse Five, and I seem to be doing just fine. It’s a beautiful screen that actually looks like a book page, and I’m able to highlight inside it, write notes to myself, and do everything that I would normally do with a book – with the obvious exception of writing in it with a pen, or occasionally folding a page to keep my place.

I’ll never give up buying books that I love, but this does allow me the option of checking out books from a digital library, which means I’ll save a bit of money. Also, I can bring it with me wherever I go, and always have access to multiple books. I’m okay with the transition. It needed to happen.


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