Required Reading Redux

I received a text from my wife this morning that said a presenter at her conference had just informed them that the video game Call of Duty: Black Ops made more first day profit than any book, movie, or music album had ever made.

Disregarding the facts that a video game costs between one and five million dollars of overhead and a book costs, at most, a few hundred dollars at Starbucks, and that Black Ops sold 5.6 million copies in its first day whereas Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sold 8.3 million copies, and that those numbers (overhead costs minus copies sold times total cost per item) do not seem to suggest a truthful statement, there is a pretty sad reality that makes this statement believable:

Most of the people I know between the ages of 15-30 love video games, know how to download music for free, and don’t read.

It is amazing how many seemingly intelligent people simply don’t read.

Amazing? Disturbing.

I have often heard “The last thing I read was (insert name of required high school or college reading here).  Often echoed by “and I hated it.”

What is it about required reading that turns so many people off of reading?  Is it the reading?  Or the required?

If you want to read me pontificate about the necessity of making classic literature relevant to a modern society, read Bastardization or Modernization.  If you want me to get to the point of today’s writing, look below (bet you didn’t know this was a Choose Your Own Adventure).

Students often disregard classics because they feel the literature is too esoteric without being able to define esoteric.

It is time for a call to arms.  Time for a Required Reading Redux.

Every so often (I would say week, but that would make me a liar) I (or we) will post some form of Remix of some of that “dreadful” Required Reading you had to or have to do.  If you loved your requireds, hopefully you can join in on the fun.  If you hated them, hopefully you can find some appreciation.  If you are in the midst of your required reading, hopefully this can supplement your understanding or appreciation.

For today I will simply leave you with this advice, whether you love Catcher in the Rye or are currently reading it: FOLLOW @caulfield17H on Twitter.


3 thoughts on “Required Reading Redux

  1. Love the ‘Remix’ idea! Guess I’m an abnormal 20-something because I adore classic literature and developed a love for it BECAUSE of my required reading; in fact, the love was so grand that I eventually decided to pursue a degree in English, where I had to dive in to even more required reading. All that to say, consider me on board for some remixed literary fun! Bring it! 😀

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