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QOTD – That’s News To Me

People hear what they want to hear.  (one man’s thoughtful is another’s vapid)

People read what they want to read.  (be it form, genre, source or interpretation)

And people believe what they want to believe.

Trust is a four letter word if you don’t spell it correctly. But, just like faith, it requires a little more than some of your base desires.  Love.  Hate.  F***

It’s been 34 years since Pink Floyd asked if we should trust the government, and most of us don’t (At least, not until it strokes our egos to do so).

But who do you trust?  Who can we trust?  Who should we trust?  More important, how can we trust?

In a world where a majority of people get their news from a comedian or a friend on Facebook how do we know what to trust?

Just because the internet said it does not mean it is true.  You are not dating a French model.  Liking a photo on Facebook will not cure cancer.  Caustic sarcasm does not bring us closer together.  Just because someone posted a picture with text overlaid does not mean it is news or even fact.  Typically it is neither.  And, most importantly, if something begins with a claim that the liberal or corporate media “won’t report this…” you should begin by asking yourself why- is it because, as the non-verifiable article claims, there is a political or capital interest, or is it because the story is literally unbelievable.

In a world full of ads are articles willing to tell us the health and weight loss secrets doctors don’t want us to know, where do you find truth?

QOTDWhere do you get your news, and how do you know you can trust it?

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Lover of words, liver of life, director of theatre, keeper of keys and grounds at Hogwarts. Twitter: @JamaalAllan

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