QOTD – January 6 – In It For The Long Haul


I enjoy the writing of David Foster Wallace. He’s one of those authors that captured the sarcasm of the world with perfection, and then died too soon to tell us how everything was going to end. I would put him up there with George Carlin; those men were afraid of nothing, and made sure we all knew it.

Last night, at 9pm, I decided to download Infinite Jest, DFW’s 1000+ page tome. Unfortunately, last night was the final night of my district’s winter break. Yeah, that’s the brilliance of my plan: want to read a 1000+ page book, don’t download it the first night of break, but rather the last. But, I’ve committed myself to finishing this book. I’m a pretty fast reader, but 1000 pages is a 1000 pages, and this won’t be done overnight.

I mean, I read Joyce’s Finnegan’s Wake, so I can read anything, right?


What’s the longest book that you’ve read, and was it worth it?


  1. blake bedlion

    longest book i ever read was a book on the celtics dynasty in the 60s. and yes it was because i learned a lot of history on my favorite basketball team

  2. Artima Tantasukitwanich

    the longest book that I’ve read was Adventure in Australia. It’s Thai comic book. It’s about what should I do, when I’m in Australia and a lot of tourist attraction.

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