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QOTD – How Do You Feel About Poetry?

This week Chris brought back our “How does X feel about poetry?”  And, while, it is interesting to hear the replies from people who use words as a career medium, I want to reach farther.  (or is it further? Do you know?)

We’ve explored this topic quite a bit over the 6(ish) months this site has been going.  What is poetry?  How do you use your words?  Why is poetry?  What’s your favorite poem/poet/song/book?

Taylor Mali wrote an excellent piece exploring ‘What is Poetry?’

If you were to take the next hour or so and click through our archives you would find many opinions, feelings, and thoughts about poetry.  You would, hopefully, be entertained or provoked into thought as well.  Who knows?

I feel poetry is all around us always and in all ways.  Everything is poetic if you look close enough.  The artichoke I ate for breakfast is deserving of a poem… in fact, i think Pablo Neruda already wrote it.  Actually, it was an avocado that I ate, but I’m not going back to fix it.  No fear, keep moving forward.

I like reading the poetry of TS Eliot, Chuck Pahalniuk, and Shakespeare.  I enjoy listening to the poetry of Marshall Mathers.  I appreciate the poetry I see around me day to day.

For today, we want to know how you feel about poetry.  Are you reluctant, voracious, avid, temperamental, all or none of the above?  Do you have a love hate relationship with poetry?  Why, when, and how do you like it*? What is poetry to you?  What is your poetry?

QOTD – How do you feel about poetry?

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4 comments on “QOTD – How Do You Feel About Poetry?

  1. kentrel
    January 8, 2014

    I love poetry. I have loved it for the longest and it has inspired me to write lyrics. Though I have only read… maybe… 6 out of 10… Eh.. I am not sure really, but poetry is what gets me excited. Poetry helps me strive through tough, but easy time if you can understand me. To me I think poetry helps people express their feelings. Be it on a piece of paper or just speaking it.

  2. Mess
    January 8, 2014

    I hear it and I see it in everything. I am sad for anyone who doesn’t.

  3. Tupre
    January 28, 2014

    Personally when it comes to poetry i just dont like it that much. I mean some poetry isnt to bad but I just dont like it as much as other people.

  4. Kim Kawlan
    September 16, 2016

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