Where Do You Find Poetry?

I believe that when it comes to poetry, there is a deep-rooted, natural, and inexplicable need inside every human being for it. The question is, where do you find your poetry? Do you seek it in music? Do you get your daily hit of poetry on your 15 second ring-tone that you let play just so you can have the hook wash over you, bathe you in poetry? Perhaps you take a seat in your wing-back chair, pull a dusty book off the shelf, pour a bourbon and water and immerse yourself in words from the past. Or, are you a obsessive re-tweeter of inspirational quotes? There are many more ways in which a person can get their poetry fix. There are some risque, underground market, too perverse for the conventional mind ways. I won’t get in to those. It would be wrong to force the people who get their poetry from the Bible to read about the people who get theirs from online, illustrated erotica.

Poetry takes many shapes. With the invention of the internet it became possible to read all of the poetry, to watch all of the poetry, and to hear all of the poetry ever digitally recorded. A vast majority of the populace consumes their poetry without even realizing it, but that doesn’t mean that it does not satisfy their need for it. You don’t have to seek out poetry, poetry finds you. It is inside of every television show, every quote that’s posted on Facebook, every meme, every song lyric, and every word spoken by the people you encounter. If you deny your poetry addiction, try sitting in a dark room with no technology and being trapped alone with nothing but your thoughts. When the song lyrics begin to float through your mind, addict! When the movie and television quotes take the stage, addict! When the Dos Equis man turned meme makes you laugh audibly in the silent room, addict! And when you see his or her face materialize in the front of your mind, addict!

Some people, like myself, are lucky enough to have their minds constantly filled with rhyme. When I sit alone in silence, I create rhyming lyrics. I’m not a freestyle rapper or a lyrical poet but the poetry Gods believe that I am. Poetry finds me wherever I’m at. What fills you in your moments of silence? What is your poetry?

2 thoughts on “Where Do You Find Poetry?

  1. All those voices,
    Those myriad individuals that preach at me,
    That screech at me,
    That warn me of treachery
    And conspiracy.
    The voices fill my silence,
    And guide my mind,
    Whispering truth,
    Dispelling myth.
    From Where else would the words emerge?
    From where else would they?

  2. I was reading through some posts on the site and I noticed that JG Allan and I ended our pieces with the exact same question! I guess it is true that you can’t say something that someone else hasn’t already said. Haha no plagiarism intended. Great minds think alike.

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