QOTD- Stop. Hey. What’s That Sound?


I’m excited today.

I’m excited because I have decided, for no good reason, that today is Buy Some New Records Day. If you’ve never heard of Buy Some New Records Day, it’s okay. That’s because I just invented it. Just now.

Don’t worry, it’s pretty self-explanatory and very easy to celebrate. Just make your way to your local purveyor of rock and or roll and buy some new records. That’s it. No complicated stories to memorize or decorations to hang. There aren’t any official carols to sing to mark the occasion, but if the spirit moves you you can always pick something off of Boston’s stellar self-titled album, Boston.

You don’t send cards to your loved ones on Buy Some New Records Day. You send liner notes.

Today’s question is not so much a question as it is an invitation to join me in celebration. It’s the middle of winter up here in Central Oregon, and the oppressive grey that dominates the sky and turns early afternoon prematurely into evening can only be conquered by the perfect joy of radio rock from the ’70s.

Let’s buy some new records, you guys. And after that, lets talk about what we bought and how awesome it is.

Record store sign



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