QOTD- Starting… Now.

This is the hardest part. The starting.

I’m never more aware of all the things I’d rather be doing than writing than when it’s actually time to sit down and do some. Usually right around the time I open up the computer it becomes clear to me that there has never been a better moment to frame that Batman poster that’s been sitting in the corner since April.

Or water the brown houseplants that sit languishing in their dimly lit corners.

Or make a couch out of old pallets like I saw some guy do on the internet once.

Or watch that movie Netflix keeps enthusiastically recommending to me. Sure it only has two stars, but the good people at Netflix wouldn’t recommend something they knew to be bad, would they?

Yes, it turns out, they would. How do I know that? Because I successfully avoided the blank page that day by watching yet another found-footage horror movie that consists largely of screaming into a shaky night-vision camera.

It was not worth it.

Luckily, on mornings like these I have a blog into which I can pour my stream of consciousness. Prime the pump by venting my frustration into the ether of the Poetry Question.

Today, for example.

What do you do when you find yourself struggling to get started?



  1. Hunter Hanson

    I Heard Someone Say One Time That If You Got Stuck And Didnt Know What To Do (And I Appologize If This Is Offensive) “**** It” That Person Was Also A Teacher But I Did Take It To Heart. When I’m Drawing And I Can’t Find A Spot To Start, Or Can’t Think Of A Picture, I Say To Myself “**** It”. Not As In Give Up, But As Disregard Concern And Just Do It. So I Just Pick Some Random Spot And Start.

  2. Lilli

    Motivation. I have zero motivation. I’m 17, the age of where I’m still considered a reckless teen, and one more year and I’ll be considered a young adult, and my actions will dramatically effect me. I’m afraid to mess up, so I do’t motivate myself to succeed. I’m also shy to show my talent or be who I want to be in front of people. I don’t want to mess up, just from past experiences when I mess up it’s the scariest thing to come back from. It’s hard to toughen up.

  3. haley hanks

    when i find myself struggling to get started i tend to ask people around me to give me an idea on how to start something. sometimes i struggle a lot cause i dont understand things and all i have to do is call someone or ask someone to do it with me so im motivated to get the task done.

  4. Hailey Buehler

    I struggle getting started with everything. I am really bad at trying to start things. I am the worst at it. I never know how to start things, but when I do get started there is really no stopping me until I am done. Once I start something I always have to finish it. Unless it is a bad movie or book.

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