QOTD – And the Award Goes to… YOU!

Last week I received an award.

It was completely unexpected (I hadn’t even read the email from our principal indicating one of our teachers would be receiving said award that morning).

Apparently, it was –is– a pretty big deal. Of the 35 thousand teachers in the state, one per month is awarded.

In the twenty years this award has been awarded, that would make 240 total recipients.

So, yeah, people were pretty congratulatory and there was a tv crew and an interview and stuff.

*writing tip: never use the word “stuff” there is always a better word.  Unless you’re going for, ya know, voice and stuff

I’m not sure I deserve it.  In fact, I am pretty convinced I don’t.  At least, not more than most others in my profession.

I do my job and I do it to the best of my ability.

I, like most people, am not great at accepting praise.  I either dismiss the praise, turn it into a joke (“I hear they’re just handing those out this year”), or act overly-confident (“Well, you know I AM kind of a big deal”).

It’s a strange thing how people are trained to be humble to a fault.  It is nearly impossible for people to receive a compliment without feeling they need to reciprocate: “Your hair looks really nice today.”  “Thanks, I like your shirt.”  It’s almost automatic, and it’s either that or dismiss the compliment- “Oh, yeah, I just  got it cut but I don’t really like how it usually looks so I just like threw it up in this bun thing and that didn’t works I decided to blah blah blah blah blah…”

Today, we change that.  Don’t brag, but tell me what you’re good at.

QOTD – What award do you deserve?

21 thoughts on “QOTD – And the Award Goes to… YOU!

  1. Freshman year i started tennis at first it was hard, very hard, but i practiced and got pretty good. I made varsity as a freshman and have played varsity tennis since then.

  2. The other day, I wrote a rap that was not only very clever, it was one of the most clever raps I’ve ever heard/read. The only problem with this is the fact that I can’t actually rap, or create beats, and I have no ear for music; I can just write the lyrics. Which means that one day I’m going to die and someone is going find a book of handwritten rap verses and a bunch of lyrics on my computer that went nowhere and did nothing. They’ll probably be thrown away and some other clever son of a bitch will think up similar lyrics and make millions rapping them haha

  3. The First Thing That Comes To Mind For Me Is Art, Its Something I Consider Myself Decent At Best. Alot Of The Art I Do Is Not Original, I Find It Hard To Think Of A Image And Manage To Sastain It In My Mind While I Draw It, It Might Just Be Me Though. Art Is Also Something You Want To Take Out And Show Off To The World, But Theres That Quote “True Beauty Never Asks For Attention” So I Try To Just Leave It Out For People To Conveiently Notice When They Walk By Or Are Talking To Me.

  4. I deserve an award for surviving the storm known as my brother and not coming out a total monster and instead I ended up, in my opinion, a good person.

  5. I can’t really think of an award i deserve but i guess i could get an award for being able to produce EDM music at the age of 16.

  6. I deserve the award for putting up with the yells and shouts of a noisy house without exploding in a fit of anger, for a year.

  7. I really don’t care for an award. Only because I would completely forget about and if it has no life meaning, then it’s just junk.

  8. I wouldn’t deserve an award for anything. I’m not confident enough for most of my hobbies I do. If you must think that you are so good at one thing, then that’s telling yourself you worked so much on that one goal, that you didn’t experience others. If that makes any sense? I’m more of a mutli-tasker. I have multiple hobbies I do. They are all evenly balanced at skill. However, I make devious plans. It’s all about patience. If you work at every little thing you love to do and at an evenly pace and not one thing is better than the other. Once you have reached the “pro status” you’ll be proud of yourself that you can have a “trillion” awards that you feel you have patiently waited for and wanted to succeed at all those goals at once. You’re human we were made with two hands, not one.

  9. I deserve an award for being short. I literally hear at least 5 short jokes every day! Everyone is is obsessed with my height, that I think I should get an award for it. Everyone loves short people

  10. I think i deserve an award for being a genius because i get that a lot from my family and friends. i just like to think outside the box a lot.

  11. I think i deserve an award for doing better in school this year. Last year i ended the year with i think a 2.0 and now i have a 3.5. im really trying to improve my schooling so it gets me further in life. i think that would be a pretty cool reward i would be really proud of myself.

  12. I think I should get an award for being a helpful person because I’m always there for those who need help with something.

  13. i think i should get an award for nothing because i dont know what award i would deserve more than another person. almost always there will be a person that is more deserving of that same award more than myself

  14. i think that maybe in elementary school i should of earned maybe an award in art class, but i guess my friend was better. i think that he deserved it because even though i was good i didnt really try as hard as he did.

  15. Hmm what award do I deserve hmm? honestly I don’t think I deserve one I’m not saying that I’m not a good person or I don’t do anything important I mean I do A LOT of community service like today I’m going to the hospital to go play games with kids there and I’m signed up for a senior feed day where we serve the senior citizens and I do tons of other stuff but I think people should just do that stuff I don’t think we need a award for it, it just be part of everyday life.

  16. I think I deserve the quiet award. I’m always silent in the classroom don’t always shout or even talk to other as much.

  17. I am not too sure if I deserve an actual award. Honestly, I do not care if I have one. What does an award prove? That I did something good? I already know I do good things in the world. I don’t need an award to prove that. I do a lot of good things on my own. Whenever I see someone at school who looks like they need help, I do my best to help them. I know it doesnt really seem like much, but there are people here in this school who just walk past people who desperatly need help. That just makes me sick to my stomach. Especially when someone is in a situation with other person. That is when people need you the most.

  18. i should get the award of the best soccer defender of the varsity evergreen team because i will help them go to state on the 2014 spring season.I will do anything to not let forward get thru me.

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