The Daily Prompt- January 28th


1. Use the prompt in the way it’s intended (starting a sentence, the title of the piece, theme, etc)

2. You may write in any format you see fit (fiction, non-fiction, poem, song, script, etc.)

3. Post your piece of writing in the comments section of the website to be considered for the ‘Best Of’ section.


The Prompt- 

It’s the middle of the night, and you are awakened by an unexpected sound.


  1. Stark, Nick

    Its the middle of the night when I heard a noise the noise was loud enough to wake me so I knew it had to be somthing. My first thought was that someone broke in, but then I remembered I have 4 cats and a dog and it very much could’ve been one of them. My dog is looking at me and watching the door as if knowing something I didn’t and the fact is that woke her as well gave me an uneasy feeling. I grave the flashlight I keep next to me and since everyone else in the house is asleep me and the dog do a sweep of the house clearing every room. When moving the light I came across a shadow I don’t remember being there I slowly and cautiously moved up to see what it was. When I got there the I was shaking, hoping it wasn’t someone trying to hide since it was behind the couch. But to my surprise when I look all 4 of the cats are sitting around the cat toy that they had tipped over I looked at the dog and she looked at me I said “its nothing lets just go back to bed and so we walked back to my room”. where I slept the night away.

  2. Tabatha Cameron

    This has actually really happened to me at my friends house. I woke up in a room surrounded with darkness. I woke up because I kept hearing noises, and voices, and I am so afraid of the dark I get up in the middle of my sleep and turn the lights on. When I started hearing stuff, I ran up my friends stairs to find her and started bawling and then I ended up going home and never going back to her house again.. call me crazy. But this happend.

    Period 3

  3. sage corpin

    People screaming, alarms shouting and a fire roasting my house. I woke up in a shoke, not quit sure what to do. I ran and opened my door and the smoke engulfed my room in an instance. my dog yelping as he burns into a hotdog! The house all aflame i quickly jumped out my widow. Every one quickly came to aid me but it was to late. I snaped my neck when i jumped out my window. Ture story.

  4. ruvim period 4

    It’s the middle of the night, and you are awakened by an unexpected sound. The sound was the outside of my room it felt like footsteps but really heavy. I got scared and did not know what to do i covered my self with my pillow and my blanket. the foot steps were gone for a second but then the door opened it was my dad checking who is sleeping after he came from work.

  5. Hailey Buehler

    In the middle of the night, I woke up to loud voices. Being unclear of what was being said, made me curious. I stick my head out of my room to try to understand what the loud voices were saying. I soon realized that it was my parents shouting at each other. Fear struck through my body. Then I hear a loud thump. It sounded as if someone fell to the floor. I quickly ran upstairs to see what happened. All of a sudden I see my mom crying on the floor with a bruse on her face. Ever since that night, I have not looked at my stepdad the same.

  6. Alex Faley

    late one night i heard a sound that woke me up. first i thought it was my dog, but when i started to get out of my bed my dog was in my bed asleep. I got out of my bed and grabed a flash light. I head down the hall and then heard the strange noise again. it sounded like it was out side. i headed outside and it was my nieghbor using his mig welder.

  7. Mary Hosack

    I look around my room, unsure of what I heard or if I had just dreamed it. When I dont hear anything again I just roll over and pull the blankets over my head. Everything seems to be normal and then I hear the sound again. Its a tortured cry that sounds far away so I assumed it was downstairs. I sit up in my bed and I think about what I should do. Should I go downstairs? Who knows what that sound could have been. While I contemplate my options the noise sounds again. I resolve on going down and checking. My six years of martial arts experience should help if theres something out of the ordinary. As I sneak out of my door my little sister bumps into me as she comes out of her own room. We both panic in the dark before we realize that we know the other. After we calmed down we both walk to the stairs and make our way to the sounds. We check in the living room and kitchen to find nothing but what we had left. There was only two places that it could have been. The garage and the dogs room. We go over to the dogs and then from Kanji’s kennel we hear the sound again. Linden turns on the light and we see the blood coming from his kennel. Another tortured sound comes from Kanji as he tries to claw his way out. By this time my parents had found us and were cleaning up the floor and the dog.

  8. Philip Poissonnier

    One night at around 2:13 am i was awoken by a strange noise, unlike any i have ever heard. This noise was so terrifying i started to sweat, beads of sweat started rolling down my face as i opened my bedroom door to find out what wast making that aweful noise. As i go down the hallway slowly in the dark to scared to turn a light on for fear the thing making this noise would be standing meer inches away from me. I get to the kitchen and the noise suddenly stops, out of no where its gone. Niether my uncle nor his partner heard the noise or even knew what i was talking about when i asked them about it the next day. Through the day i kept remembering the strange terrifying noise and hope i never had to hear it again. When i laid down for bed the next night i was scared it would happen again and i could barely sleep. I fell asleep at around 11:00 pm finally enjoying the rest, then it happened again. I was awoken by the same terrifying noise with the same terrifying effect to me. I got up again and slowly went to the kitchen, i got up the currage to turn the lights on and i did, what i saw for what seemd an eternity made me scream, but no noise came out. I relized that i was making no noise so i stopped trying, then suddenly there was nothing, not just no creature or noise but nothing, i was surrounded by an empty void trapped, then i woke up in a pool of sweat with my uncle standing in my doorway asking what happened and if i was alright.

  9. Irina Pesetskaya

    Its the middle of the night and there are really loud nosies echoing all throught out theh house, i got out of bed and started walking towards the sound as i was getting closer the noise started getting louder and louder. I was getting really scared and nervous thinking there was someone or something in my house. The noise sounded like a millions of cats fighting with each other. Once i figured out where the sound was coming from i opened the door to the front door and there sitting was my fat cat scratching the door and making the scariest noises ever. I let the cat in and went back to sleep.

  10. Hunter

    It’s the middle of the night, and you are awakened by an unexpected sound. The heavy air vibrates from the long drawn out cry of a wolf. You jump out of bed and run towards the source of the cry, for it’s happening again. A long year has passed since the rest pack had left, but they have come to hunt again on old grounds. The rest of your kin already sing with the rest of the pack, making the previous vibration cover the ground as well as the air.

    It will be a long time before you rest again, for the hunt comes again; but with good friends at your side this time.


  11. Troy Phan

    in the middle of the night i was awaken by an unexpected sound coming from downstairs and i raced downstairs to check to see what it is. i couldnt believe it, the Kool Aid Guy busrt throught the kitchen wall because he heard Family Guy on the tv when Peter went to court because of his welfair fraud and he was sentance to 24 months in prison. I told that fat red nut head to fix the damn wall like nothing ever happened then go back to the factory where he came from and leave us alone!

  12. Taylor Chidester

    A loud crash, glass breaking, a car alarm sounding. My heart was beating SO fast. I hopped out of bed and raced downstairs to see what had happened. There was a car in my living room! How did this happen?! Who is in the car? Are they okay? So many questions were rushing through my head. I didn’t even know which ones to ask first. I made my way through the wreckage and to the car. I looked inside, it was a woman that I had never seen before. I tried asking if she was okay, no responce. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a baby! I looked harder and saw that she was breathing. I took a huge breath and ran to the phone. I dialed 9-1-1 and they asked me a bunch of questions. About 10 minutes after I hung up the phone is when emergency services started to show up. They took the woman and her child away in an ambulance. I ended up having to move because the house was too busted up.

  13. Kristen Pulliam

    Its the middle of the night and im awakened by a loud crash. I get up out of bed and into the hallway, to realize its my cousin. Screaming for help. My house is as dark as a starless sky, Leaving me to wonder around the house trying to find him. When I finally reach him, I turn on the lights and see that he is tangled in blankets and is crying. I help him fight off the blankets around his legs and pick him up. He tells me there was a monster and he was trying to get it. He was “protecting” his family from the monster. He then proceeds to tell me that he didnt catch it and that he was sorry. I put him back in his bed, and pick up the forgotten blankets up and drape them over him again. I tell him that it was okay, that he cant save everyone and that I loved him. I kissed his head and turned the light off, wondering back down to my room to sleep again.

  14. erick period 4

    its the middle of the night, i get waken up by an unexpected sound. i get up and grab my brothers baseball bat to defend myself.I go downstairs to get closer to the sound.I get to the room that is making the noise and see that my dad is already there with a bigger baseball bat.i look above his shoulder and see our family dog eating what seems to be a mouse.

  15. Hijinio Romero

    I woke up to a loud bang in the middle of night at first i thought it was my brother coming home from a party extremly intoxicated, but 30 seconds later i heard someone scream “this is what you get for stealing from the familia” then three gunshots when off I waited for about 5 minutes in my room with a .38 subnose on my bed waiting for the man to walk in to my room, he never did. so i ran out of my room only to see my brothers brains splatterd all over the wall behind him. I fell on my knees and started crying threw the gun on the floor and held him for hours. now when ever i here a loud noise in the middle of the night i think of my brother.

  16. Angel Herrera

    It’s the middle of the night, and you are awakened by an unexpected sound. I wake to the noise of the wind. Thinking that that was strange, i closed the window while remembering that i never opened it. I start to walk back to my bed when i hear a rustle in the corner of my room. I stopped immediately to see if i could hear it again, but no response. I sit there waiting for my eyes to adjust. When my eyes finally adjust i see a distorted figure, and then……

  17. Dana Fletcher

    During my peaceful slumber, a raging scratching sound was being emitted from outside my room. Having just finished a horror film, I was skeptical about openin the door. I tried to cancel out the noise nd continue sleeping, but the volume just increased, the scratching sounded as if it were getting closer, and my breath was heavy and my heart fast. A surge of adrenaline running through my veins, Ib lted from my bed and slammed open the door in a random burst of fury, expecting to frighten whatever monster was lurking in the dark. It was my cat.

  18. Michael Todd

    I woke up; my room dark as the depths of space. I heard a loud thud from my basement. I was home alone so i knew no one should be down there, as i walked through the kitchen towards the old wood basement door, there it was again. Even louder this time. I open the door to the basement; its stairs covered with dust, spiders fleeing in every direction as I reach for the string to turn the light on. It just breaks as i stand there on top my basement stairs in the pitch black with no flashlight my phones light sitting on the table by my bed. I slowly creep down the stairs my hand sliding down the splintering railing, when BANG there it was again. I froze in terror, but my currosity willed me on. Down the old cold stairs, my bare feet feeling every step. I reach the bottom i notice the window is open, which is odd beings as we always keep it shut tight to keep out the cold. Then out of the dark out comes a figure, standing a couple inches taller than me, I was terrified I couldn’t stand being there any longer i flew up stairs and ran to my neighbors.

  19. colbey

    The first night I can sleep. Peacefully. All of a sudden i wake up. A jolt from underneath my bed startles me; i curl up inside my blankets. Scarred. I hear nothing but silence. No parents. I start to think of a way out of my room, or the fastest way to the lights. A heat wave runs down my neck. I’m afraid to find out what THIS is. I bury my eyes into my pillow. My room lights turn on! oh no.. i yell “NO! NO!”. oh its just my mother.

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