QOTD – How Do You Know You Know? Ya know?

I challenged my advanced theatre students to brainstorm and explain how students can and should demonstrate that they are learning.

Their discussion began with a narrow focus– the pedagogical techniques they’ve been shown so far.  I challenged them to expand their thinking.  How do people demonstrate they’ve learned something?

I would be interested to hear from you as well– especially considering the wide net of readers we have (students, teachers, corporate workers, wanders, readers, haters, and more).

How do you know if you know something and how do you prove you know something?



One thought on “QOTD – How Do You Know You Know? Ya know?

  1. In a perfect world, each student would be allowed to demonstrate their knowledge in what ever manner suits them best. They could choose to take a test, write a paper, give an oral report, or have an intelligent conversation on the topic with the person who posed the question. I believe that a person has true knowledge of something when they can discuss the topic, expand on the ideas, and share that knowledge with someone else. A person can memorize and soon forget facts. They can fill their paper with quotes from other people and fail to expand on any of those ideas. But when a person has true knowledge they are able to share that knowledge with others, regardless of what it is about. I do not play any online role-playing games, but I have a cousin who can tell me all I would ever need to know on the subject. He has knowledge of that world and is able to share it with others. In my opinion, that is how knowledge is measured; against the knowledge of another.

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