The Daily Prompt- January 31st


1. Use the prompt in the way it’s intended (starting a sentence, the title of the piece, theme, etc)

2. You may write in any format you see fit (fiction, non-fiction, poem, song, script, etc.)

3. Post your piece of writing in the comments section of the website to be considered for the ‘Best Of’ section.

The Prompt:

An inanimate object in your house comes to life suddenly, but does not act the way you might expect it to.




2 thoughts on “The Daily Prompt- January 31st

  1. If truth be told, it was manufactured specifically for this reason. The proof is in the name: Universal Remote Control. Opening the box, I was very skeptical. I did not believe just how powerful this one object could be. My mind was reeling as I read the first instruction: “Insert two double A batteries.”

    The first sign of fragility.

    As the programming began, I could feel it becoming more powerful. I was feeding it information and giving it life.

    I set it down on the coffee table and sank into my couch, awaiting the tell tale red light. There it was, in the upper right hand corner of its face. The lights in the room began to flash, the blinds furled open, the stereo, T.V. coffee pot, and fan kicked on. I was helpless in a technological world.

    All appliances obeyed it. Its reach I did not know. Scared, I jumped from the couch to seize it just as the lamp bulb exploded in my face. Glass lacerated my skin.

    When the car alarms started going off I knew it had spread. My house was now the epicenter. Sirens wailed in the distance but no help ever came. Street lamps flickered on and off, casting their orange glow momentarily about the neighborhood. I could almost see the neighbors banging on their televisions, flipping switches, unplugging cords, and chewing on their tongues. It had us all pinned down by our own genius.

    If only I could capture it and tear out its heart. I reached a bloody hand towards it, my blender revved threateningly. My old remote was cowering face down under the coffee table, it was useless to me now, for I had taken its life to give it to its superior.

    Mustering up my courage, I dove across the room and grasped it around the waste. With my forefinger on its spine I ripped open its back and smashed it against the table. The heart spilled out and rolled across the oak.

  2. while your nose is hidden within it,
    it suddenly comes to life
    the book you are reading
    with words as sharp as a knife

    it yells and it screams
    a surprise no doubt,
    it doesn’t splutter out prose or sonnets
    instead insults ooze out

    it sounds uneducated and rude
    and it’s spine breaks apart
    the words that leave it
    don’t sound too smart

    then, just as sudden
    it snaps back closed
    and falls back onto your desk
    its mysterious description reimposed.

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