QOTD – Alien Time Machines


The revolution will not be televised- it will be live streamed.

The libraries will not be burned, they’ll be uploaded.

The plague killed millions and the stock market crash crippled a nation.  The great virus will destroy the infrastructure of modern society as it is known, obliterating all finance and industry, resulting in the death of billions.

The knowledge will be lost.

In thousands of years the ruins of Dubai, The Eifel Tower, Big Ben, Mount Rushmore, and especially the Google and Intel campuses will confound historians– clearly the product of Ancient Alien technology.

Though the records will be sparse, the gods we worship will explain a barbaric, superficial devaluing of human life beyond the aesthetic.  In the rubble,  a few golden statues created in honor of the gods of entertainment remain.  Inexplicably, none of these belong to Leonardo DiCaprio.

NSA-Sponsored Smart Homes promptly incarcerated 60% of the 99% for Activities Un-American.

Social Darwinism became roundly rejected and was prompted replaced with a violent, animalistic form of true survival.  He who has the most toys still dies when his skull is fractured, lung is punctured, jugular is ripped from his throat.

Or did Pixar nail it with Wall-E?

QOTD – What is the future of humanity?

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