The Answers are out there, or “Don’t quote me boy, cause I aint said Sh*t”

The quote in the title is taken from Eazy-E’s song “Boyz-N-The-Hood”.

Are you a deep person? Is your soul hypersensitive to the human condition and you always just seem to get it? A vast majority of us walk around this planet and have little to no answers about life and the meaning to it. What are the important things? What is worth living for and what is worth dying for? If you break it down far enough, every person on this planet is a philosopher and a poet. Every person has questioned where life came from, what this all means. I have asked those same questions and I’m no closer to finding the answer then when I first started asking.

However, if you go by Facebook and the internet in general, all celebrities seem to have the answers to all of the mysteries of life. I always question the accuracy of the quotes on Facebook. Every day a new meme appears with a picture of a celebrity and a quote that they are supposed to have said. I always wonder if those people actually said those things, and if they did, do they wander around every day with hidden gems like that stored away in their memory banks in case they ever get asked a deep question? Do they have some special insight into the world around them that most people seem to be lacking. Maybe a majority of the quotes are made up by a random man somewhere who puts the quote on a picture of Morgan Freeman so people will read and share it. The latter seems the most likely.

A lot of the quotes that we see on the internet are not even worth quoting. They are some generic statement about working hard to achieve your goals or a few lines telling us to cherish the things that we love. They are deep, generic statements that have the ability to alter the course of an individuals day.

I decided that I would try my hand at writing a deep thought; just to see how deep I really am while simultaneously proving that you don’t have to be on television to render up said deep thought. I came up with:

A soul has not a window, but instead a tumbler- continuously turning until it happens upon the right combination of idea and aesthetic and then unlocks, unleashing its unique magnificence upon all those who encounter it.

Poets have the ability to answer some of the questions about life without even trying to. A “good” piece of poetry can make you sit down and ponder your own existence. It can make you get up off the couch and go paint a picture. It can make you pick up the phone and call your mother just to talk to her. It can make you quit your mundane job and devote your life to doing something that you love. It can make you produce poetry of your own.

Everyone has the ability to question. Everyone can ask the hard questions and everyone can find the answers. I believe that the answers are found through poetry. Go sit on a park bench and look around you. Forget your devices. Put down your coffee. Look around and admire the infinite diversity that surrounds you. Pick up a pen and write. Pick up a book and read. If you search long enough, you will find the answers to your questions and if you produce enough poetry, you will help others answer theirs.

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