We Are Poets

Do you ever wonder if the people around you exist in the same world that you exist in? If so, you might be a poet. I look around me every single day and I wonder, why don’t these people see what’s going on!? Do none of you notice this except me!? Do you ever write anything monumentally clever (in your opinion) and then get zero recognition from your peers? If so, you might be a poet.

Sometimes, I write things that literally make my soul chuckle. I am completely invigorated by my own words. However, I can count on one hand the amount of “true friends” I have and none of them have the same interests as me. We are friends that have been forged over time and trials and stupidity. I choose to surround myself with people who I love as much as one person can love another, and yet most of my words fall on deaf ears.

I’m not very political. I’m not really interested in things beyond my control. I occupy my time with observing the human condition and commenting on it in varying ways. I admit, it can be rather tiresome for anyone who wants to become intimately involved with me. But then again, most of the time I hide that side of myself. Do poets, or people in general, have to hide the most intimate aspects of themselves to the world? Why can we not be free to express our opinions, beliefs, ideas, and theories to our peers on a daily basis? If any of you have the luxury to exist in a world where everyone around you welcomes your words then you need to seize that opportunity! You need to climb up on a pedestal and announce to all those around you that you are a poet and you are free to dissect the world as you wish and they will listen to you!

A poet can be any one of us. You are a poet. Your neighbor (with the annoying dog) is a poet. Your boss (who never listens to a word you say but yet the world keeps turning) is a poet. I am a poet. We are poets. The world will continue to turn without us; but man will cease to change without us. We provide insight into the nuances of human activity that the rest of the world fails to see. We are the all-seeing eye. We give life to objects. We create matter from nothing. We live in alternate realities that happen to co-exist with those around us.

I am a poet. You are a poet. We are here to change the world. Our words have meaning. Our thoughts are unique. Our opinions are valid. We will be heard and if you refuse us we will contribute our voice anyhow. Speak. Write. Live. Change.

One Comment

  1. idiotwriter

    THIS is a post right up my street – absolutely love that thought ‘ the world will continue to turn without us – but it will cease to change’ – as for the recognition – some of the posts I feel are most thrilling in my eyes and soul are brushed over and I get more comments on some random meandering about cooking or blogging??

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