QOTD – Whether the Weather be cold…

It has been a horrendous winter in the Midwest.

On the East Coast too.

It has been cold, painfully cold for the last 4?5?6? months.  So, logically, I took Spring  Break in the mountains instead of on the beach. Does that make sense?

I’ve typically been a sunny, beach Spring Break type of person –but escaping to the mountains for some snowboarding and relaxation has been a nice change of pace.  It’s nice to see that there are places where it can snow and still be sunny and, potentially, warm.

People say there are cold weather people and warm weather people.  I don’t think I’m either.

I suppose I could be both.

So, yes, I am lowering the intellectual level of our dialectic  by asking about the weather.

QOTD – Are you a warm weather or cold weather person?

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