QOTD – What Bugs You Wednesday

On Monday we received an email at work telling us of a meeting taking place the next day.

It was mandatory.

It was taking place in the auditorium at the same time the theatre director (read: I) had play rehearsal.

Long story short, the meeting got rescheduled and I forgot to go to the meeting.

Seriously, who gives only 24 hour notice on a mandatory meeting and then doesn’t send a reminder?  While we’re at it, who sends an email about a meeting using Outlook and doesn’t make it an Appointment?  Seriously, people.

Long story short, I was emailed 4 times by three different people telling me I had missed the meeting.

Long story short, there was a mandatory makeup meeting 15 minutes earlier than reporting time to work (read: off contract time). No big deal, I typically arrive prior to contract time and I think I would be exaggerating if I said I’ve left work at contract time (or even within ten minutes of contract time ending) more than 50 times in ten years.

Long meeting short, I spent a total of ninety seconds in this meeting, was handed a packet of papers and told which room I had been assigned to for our testing day.


This bugs me: I hate meeting for meeting’s sake. I hate meetings about meetings.  I would rather do my job than talk about how to do my job.  I hate meeting with no actionable items.

What bugs you?

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