QOTD – Mr. So-and-So

If you’ve watched Whose Line Is It Anyway? you might be familiar with their Superheroes improv game…


Enter CAPTAIN-FALLS-DOWN-A-LOT who trips on his own feet and falls down

There’s a simplified version of this game that can be used to warm actors up to the simple concept of characterization.  It is called Mr. So-And-So, in which actors on stage introduce offstage characters by saying “Look, here comes Mr.Sniffs-When-He-Talks” or “Oh, no, here comes Ms. Yell-At-Everyone”.  The offstage actor then enters the scene incorporating whatever characteristic they have been named.

In theatre, we often challenge actors to play their characters from a place of truthfulness (even if we are doing comedy, the character takes him or herself seriously).

In life, we should challenge ourselves to live from a place of truthfulness.

Today, I challenge you to name yourself Mr.So-and-So being as truthful as you can.


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