QOTD- Choose Your Weapon

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George RR Martin writes his books on a DOS machine, and I kind of love that.

He says he likes the simplicity of the old word processor, and I understand that. For writers who know what they are doing, it is annoying to have the machine trying to correct your grammar or capitalize things for you. For an accomplished author, writing with a processor that assumes you’re an idiot must be like trying to win the Tour De France with training wheels on your bike. I recently started writing on Wordpad, since I recently had to replace my hard drive and I don’t want to pay a hundred bucks for a new copy of Word. And you know what, I kind of like it. It seems to have less features I don’t need and won’t use.

What do you think? Is autocorrect and grammar checker annoying enough to abandon, or is it a good thing?

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4 thoughts on “QOTD- Choose Your Weapon

  1. Stephen King wrote the first draft to Dreamcatcher in pen. Close to a thousand pages. In pen.
    He says it makes him more connected to the words.
    I believe him.

    That said, Gunslinger is his best work and it was done on a typewriter.
    ‘Typewriter’ is the longest word you can type all on the top row of your keyboard.
    Personally, I should limit myself down to Word processing without internet capability.
    Too many distractions. They outweigh the convenience of a quick fact check. You know?

    • Agreed. I’d love to write in pen, but if I start to get on a roll and write fast it devolves into insanity.
      Plus, when I take away my access to the internet, I tend to think about it more. it has its claws in me.

      • To be honest, I don’t write enough any more.
        “Real life” gets in the way.
        I hate myself for typing that.

  2. I updated my computer, and have the latest version of Word. I write a lot of poetry, and hate the way autochecker makes assumptions about my work. I always write directly onto the computer as I’ve been typing since the days of the old manual typewriters, plus my hand-writing is appalling…

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