The Importance of Originality and The Only Good SNL Sketch-Turned-Movie*

Something about playing classical music over images of outer space has an expansive effect on the mind. It makes the consciousness rush out to the horizon  in all directions, moving even past the edges of the infinite to the void beyond where the deadlights dance and HP Lovecraft once had a summer cottage. It’s a sensation that can only be described by often overused and now diluted words like ‘awesome’ and ‘rad’ and ‘totally bitching’. Those guys at ‘Cosmos’ really know what they’re doing.

On an unrelated note, how long does peyote usually last? No reason. Just curious.


I’m joking, of course.

I know exactly how long peyote lasts.


But that isn’t the point. The point has something to do with perception. And watching public television late at night.

My brain is full of cliches. I find myself wondering about things that seem profound at first glance but prove themselves to be well traveled territory when further fleshed out. For example, my first pass at this post had something to do with wondering if Superman ever wished he was someone else. I got excited at first, thinking about the potential inherent in such an idea, before soon deflating as the condescending voice in my head reminded me that such an idea can be seen fully represented in any number of comic books, movies and episodes of ‘Smallville’. I think that show with Teri Hatcher from the ’90s even touched on it in an episode or two. That’s when I abandoned the idea and decided to focus on other topics. Like so many times before, I will bow to the expertise of Sir Dean Cain on this one.

For some reason there is always a feeling of embarrassment and even shame that accompanies the realization that I’ve had an idea that has already been done. Like any writer should I have a healthy fear of plagiarism, but this is more than that. A unique view of the world is one of the only things I feel I have to offer it. If that turns out to not be quite so unique, where does that leave our intrepid hero? Up Shit Creek, that’s where.

You know. That smelly creek out back. It’s decent for fishing but do NOT eat what you catch.

The sad thing is, there aren’t any unthought ideas out there. At least I don’t think there are. Maybe there never where, but the fact that it’s all been done before has never been clearer than it is in this age of instant information. What ‘The Simpsons’ didn’t do ‘South Park’ did, and if they both missed it you better believe somewhere there’s a guy in a stereotypical basement with a Youtube channel that nobody watches and that dude covers EVERYTHING.

So, just be fearless, I guess. Not so much a directive as a suggestion. I don’t like to boss myself around. But it really doesn’t make sense to strive for total originality at the expense of inspiration. Just because the path is well traveled doesn’t mean you’ll walk it the same way everybody else has. How was that metaphor? I bet somebody has done it before, and I don’t care. I came to it honestly.

As one of the great thinkers of our time, Wayne Campbell, once said, “Led Zepplin didn’t write tunes that everyone liked. They left that to the BeeGees.” I don’t think it exactly applies here, but you get my meaning.

Any blog post that makes a reference to ‘Wayne’s World’ is a successful blog post in my book. That’s what my Grandpa used to say.





*The possible exception being ‘Blues Brothers’

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