Far away in the Northern Piney Woods there lives a storyteller named Maynard Moose. Every full moon in the forest, the animals come from far and near to hear him tell the old Mother Moose Tales, handed down so long ago.

Maynard Moose is back and telling tales in his fourth book entitled, The Little Moose Who Couldn’t Go To Sleep. We are introduced to Little Moose, who just can’t seem  to sleep. Cousin Maynard takes us through every aspect of moose life, starting with Moose Academy where we learn Proper Posture and Woodland Skills and How to Count to Three (as high as a moose can count) and ending with the solution to Little Moose’s problem, counting sheep, three at a time of course.

Illustrator James Stinson, brings the narrative to vivid life through his whimsical illustration of  this bedtime story about bedtimes. Author Willy Claflin (August House) incorporates rich language, much specific to the dialect used by the Aroostook County Mooses of northern Maine, with hilariously familiar characters. Little Moose, herself, may actually be  my own three-year old daughter, in moose form. Her rambling nighttime monologues succeed in developing a character who is lovable and relatable to any parent and child.

“I like my little bankee with the duckie and the zebra!” say Little Moose. “Duckies and Zebras on my bankee-dum-de-dum de-dum…. Huh! I wonder why they have picked duckee and zebra to put on my bankee?

I mean, you could have a elephump and flamingo bankee. That would make a nice bankee-elephump and flamingo bankee… you could have any amunal you would like. You could have…you could have banana and tarantula! ‘Cause I have heard that tarantula like bananas. I wonder if a banana could like a tarantula? Do you think you would have to be a amunal to like something? Or could a fruit or vegetable like something? I wonder that.

The Little Moose Who Couldn’t Go To Sleep is a new favorite book in our house. My own little moose, when curled up in her bankee, loves to hear Maynard Moose tell the story of his favorite cousin and how she finally learned to fall sleep.

You can pick up your own copy through August House!

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