from “Fairy Tale”

She was just beginning to get her wings back when she hit a rock and crashed headfirst into the cement.

Molly Gaudry’s Wild Thing is here to remind us that we exist until we don’t, and whatever do in the meantime, well, that’s called surviving. I really like this little 49 page pamphlet, but I’m not sure how it makes me feel. It’s well written. Everything goes together as it should. We get a few allegories, a few personal struggle pieces, and just an overwhelming sense that everything will simply be.

I think what I struggle with is that I’m left wanting to know more. There’s no real ending, but rather an epilogue with a call to action:

(1) Don’t fall off.

(2) Trust your eyes. Trust yourself.

Maybe it makes me uncomfortable because I don’t always trust myself, or my eyes, and that I occasionally fall off whatever it is I’m on at that time. But I think that’s the point.  If we know nothing else, it’s that we must at least trust the routine:

from “The Big One”

Live on a schedule. Go to bed at the same time, rise at the same time, eat every two hours on the hour, put keys on the dresser, pens go in the desk drawer, coffee to the right, exactly lined up to the shoulder. This is how you learn to control your environment. Otherwise, it controls you.

As we work through our narrator’s vision therapy, dreams of roller derby, and memories of roller skating, and the concussions that came with the massive amount of effort to merely land, we are reminded that in all we wish to accomplish, there will be moments where we cannot land our jumps. That sometimes, it’s the daily bruises that make us who we are, and while the jumps are important, it’s the knowledge that maybe someday, we will nail the landing.

from “Wild Thing”

Just a few more laps to go

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