And We’re Back.

We Are Back!

It’s been almost three years since I hit the “new post” on this here website. I had hit a wall, and felt that I needed a break from all the words I was reading because they had all started to blur together. I love the world of writing reviews, but at that time I just needed to stop. All that said, I missed The Poetry Question, I missed the beautiful poetry, and I missed interacting with a community that I love so very much.

I had no idea whether or not anyone would even remember TPQ, but I have a shelf full of books to review over the next month, and could not be more excited to let you know about all of them!

We are always searching for new material to read, so if you are part of a small press, or a poet with a new chapbook or collection, let me know because I would love to start a long-lasting relationship.

We will be continuing our “Power of Poetry” series, as well as putting out calls for new pieces for an upcoming “Poets on Poets” series.

Reviews will be released twice a week, typically on Mondays and Wednesdays. I look forward to once again be part of the process of RE:Discovering the power of words in the modern era.

With love and excitement,
Chris Margolin

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