POWER OF POETRY #35: “Dreams/Facts” – Matthew Mayfield

Dreams __

Facts ___

All I care about is CONNECTION.

It’s just the ties I can make.


*Please edit me so my words are relatable.*

“S.H.A.M.E.” is the song.

Everyone is ashamed of something.

That Shame will eat you alive. Those 5 letters can destroy a person from the inside out.

Drugs, food, ego, booze, codependency, sex, Love, self-harm, arson, grief, etc…

It never stops.

I use words as weapons.  / /  I use words as bridges.

Words are all I have at 4:16 in the morning. (Chronic Insomnia/Ulcerative Colitis.)

Maybe there’s a song there. Or even better:

“A reason to keep giving. A reason to keep fueling our mutual fire.”

Either way, words are the force that can turn a life around.

They can change the temperature in the room.

Songs have done that for me for my entire life.

I hope & pray that ONE lyric can change ONE life for eternity.

My heroes did it for me with words.

I strive to be that ONE person who keeps you closer to Life and

one step away from the trigger.

If you know, you know.


Matthew Mayfield

    From haunting acoustic ballads to gritty rock and roll songs filled with swagger and attitude, Matthew Mayfield has spent the past decade releasing music that has changed the hearts and lives of his listeners. His latest LP, Gun Shy, is a collection of songs as varied as the emotions each of us feels. If his previous release, RECOIL, was the fruit of an intense effort by Mayfield to depict the good, the bad, and the ugly in the world he inhabited, Gun Shy is a look into all worlds – those full of darkness and hope.

To listen to Matthew Mayfield visit his website or listen on Apple Music.






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