“Vessel” – Jim Whiteside

I could keep this very short and succinct: There was a boy. He was turned a man, only to wish that “life would be…at least a little different,” and then made it happen.

Directness is difficult. It’s not easy to be bluntly-gentle. But that is exactly what Whiteside has done in his newest collection of poems from Bull City Press. We’ve been in these relationships. We’ve had these feelings, and they hurt. We either allow them to hold us back, keep us in our own solitary confinement, or we learn from them, move on, and do it all over again until we — if ever — stumble into the right person. 

I don’t always like examining my life, but Whiteside demands that from you. He makes me ponder past relationships where:

“Open” – Jim Whiteside

Writing Your Name on the Glass, at times, is very uncomfortable, but so is reality. 

Purchase your copy of Writing Your Name on the Glass at Bull City Press. 

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