“O, the places I’ve yelled
while still coming off as quiet:”
from “Invocation for my own voice”

In ten years, most poets will be writing like Lyd or trying to. I say this without an ounce of hyperbole. I believe that the work we have seen in the last few years from them is just a precursor to the what that this talent can accomplish. Their work simply stands out from the pack.

Their newest work, I GAVE BIRTH TO ALL THE GHOSTS HERE from Nostrovia! Press, is no exception. Perhaps their most intimate work to date, a thoughtful and earnest collection that holds as many truths as it does images, IGBTATGH is a sight to behold.

“I make lightning of my hands, splitting
every gorged corner until there’s only
empty fire.”

                            “Body as landscape as moon landing” from IGBTATGH

Reading Lyd Haven’s work makes me want them to win. Makes my real world seem to fade away, replaced with someone I want to see succeed despite and because of their troubles. A person I can identify with on a poetic and artistic level that will make me forget my drama and cheer for them because they don’t give up, and show you how not to give up either. They won’t tell you, they will show you. Like all great poets do.