Watch me glimmer for you,
contort into

you want
me to be,

skeletal shape
I am perceived
in your eyes

from “brittle”

How many times does one try to put Humpty Dumpty back together? How many times is appropriate before throwing arms to air and just waiting until everything either sorts itself out or doesn’t.

Undone, Still Whole is an honest examination of what it takes to be broken and forced to be whole again. Because at first, we are skeletal; we crack, break, and hurt; we lose and win, and lose again until the only choice we have is to either heal, or heel.

Or, you can reclaim yourself. You can call yourself Goddess and remember you once told yourself you were worthwhile, and so you are. Tianna Hansen’s Undone, Still Whole, screams to survivors that they are never out of time to be unbroken – to still be whole. To “take back / every precious thing you stole / with your greedy, gaping mouth / and your rusted steel trap soul,” and be the Goddess you were born to be.

Purchase your copy of Undone, Still Whole from APEP Publications.

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