The moments you realize you are alone
you’ll remember your natural state
and this is okay. This is what you have.
This is who you are.

from “How to be Alone”

You never really know what you have to offer another until you sit with them, guide them, and let them exist. It’s the teach-a-man-to-fish mentality that allows us to thrive. But we can’t thrive unless we are also able to read between the lines, follow the semantics, and feel comfortable being alone – just you and the ideas of what you know how to do.

Michale Garrigan’s What I Know [How to Do] (Finishing Line Press) is a book of advice on how to get through the day-to-day when the day-to-day doesn’t give you too many inches of lead. It’s moving mountains, surviving blizzards. It’s asking her to marry you. It’s crafting memories from moments that don’t exist because you were never there in the first place. Since you didn’t make it here like you were supposed to – or ever.

Not everything works out the way we hope. There is not a guide book for everything. There is not a right or wrong way. There is only advice. There is only a suggestion of what you might need – if you were here, and I was not alone. In the end, all that matter is that

We have these patterns as well,
most are on the inside and some of us try to trace them,
find yours, trace them.
Look for those slow soft spots.
That is where you find goodness.

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