bury it – Sam Sax

This is Sam Sax at his best, and a beautiful example of a poetry collection that carries metaphor through the entire suite. Technically sound, vulnerable, and downright haunting.

Deaf RepublicIlya Kaminsky

Ilya Kaminsky is a master of language, but he is also a master of grace and empathy. This is one of the most wonderful juxtapositions of experimental form and technical craft I have ever seen.

If They Come for UsFatimah Asghar

Fatimah Asghar offers up a first book that challenges everything we know about poetry, identity politics, the immigrant experience, and navigating America in a brown body.

Mammoth – Rachel McKibbens

Though this is Rachel McKibbens’ shortest book, it is her most powerful and the one that resonates with me daily. It’s a heartbreaking, beautiful, and perfect eulogy for Ingrid.

Don’t Call Us Dead – Danez Smith

Danez Smith once said that before this book came out that it was good, and they’re right. Smith is at their best here, with poems that will carry you through the full spectrum of human experience.

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