Octavia Butler

Butler can blend worlds using only words, but her characters are human and relatable, even though cast in dystopian landscapes.

Louise Glück

Glück captures both the modern and the mythic, and is able to transpose one with the other. She gives great lessons in human suffering brought to mythic proportions.

Carol Ann Duffy

This poet laureate can make anything seem charming and funny, even the tragedy of love.

Jane Austen

Austen’s characters are still alive in the 21st century, because her wit regarding socio-political views about women stand strong amidst the backdrop of 18th and 19th century life.

Isabela Banzon

For the postcolonial imagination, Banzon’s intimate portraits of life in the Philippines and abroad is heart-wrenching and soulful. One of my poetry influences, her work has touched me deeply.

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Angela Gabrielle Fabunan is the author of The Sea that Beckoned.

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