Buddy Wakefield

Wakefield doesn’t fuck around when he speaks his truth. He attacks his readers with a flood of inward criticism and experiences.

Edward Viduarre

Viduarre writes with love. Each word in his books are all love, and as a reader you feel every moment of it.

Clementine von Radics

Explosive, and immersive. Her words cut so deep.

Lupe Mendez
His poetry is raw, visceral and paints a portrait of refined, no-bullshit poet.

Brian Kehinde

A poet unafraid to drive into the cruel nature of poetry head first. His words are filled with eroticism, anger, and a fire that cannot be calmed.

Weasel is a degenerate author and The Dude of Weasel Press. His newest book, Cut the Loss ,was released July 2019.

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