Shannon Bramer

She has an understated style that works surprisingly well with her oftentimes fairytale-like poems.

Louise Gl├╝ck

The way she focuses on family and relationships is brilliant. She also captures country life in such a surreal way that sometimes feel like I am from the North American countryside.

Charles Simic

His character studies are worth study. He summarized city life through characters and behaviour in such an inspiring way.

Mary Oliver

An old soul before she got old. Her relationships with dogs and loved ones paint her memory as a salt of the earth type of woman.

Robyn Sarah

From avocados to short coming of age tales, Robyn Sarah takes from personal experiences what most can only dream of.

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Samuel Guest is a Jewish/Canadian poet, author, and educator who was diagnosed with a non-verbal learning dis/ability at the age of seven. Some of his poems have appeared in Picaroon Poetry, The Green Light, and The Mojave He(art) Review, and well as other magazines and journals. His first collection of poetry “The Radical Dreams” was released back in April of 2018. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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