Radiant Souls is an enchanting exploration of human emotions with an ethereal voice which manages to intertwine delicate empathy with strong, powerful messages. H. writes a mosaic of love, combining platonic, familial, and romantic, with the theme of embracing inner strength and discovering love for oneself.

“she was not grown from feeble soil
she was molded in fiery sunlight
and nurtured by the darkest of clouds
for she is not a lily, to break so easily
but a sunflower, resilient and ever-growing
reaching up for the skies”

H’s poetry embraces the beauty of each person in their life, celebrating their unique qualities, often shown through a tale of their troubles. This is the poet, reflecting inwardly, recalling moments when ‘the sad trickles in like morning rays’ with the empowering and uplifting revelation: ’you can rise to face it’.

This collection is a heartfelt and inspiring look at life and love.

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