Jorge Luis Borges

Mind bending. An absolute fountain of creativity backed up by the reading of just about every touchstone text and its lesser known contemporaries.

Robert Ludlum

The Bourne Identity, the ultimate switch off literature. Complex, surprisingly tender, yet filled with high octane action.

Christopher Marlowe

Went too far for his times. Something we all should. ‘We’ll set black streams in the firmament and march on the city of the gods.’

Sylvia Plath

She is everything. Depth without dryness. Heart without misery.

Simon Armitage

Takes the mundane and makes it transcend.

With a foot firmly each side of the Irish Sea, Alex Smith was raised in troubled Northern Ireland during the Eighties. Educated in English and Spanish, his work has taken him to some of the most socially deprived schools in England. His stark poetry has been published in ‘Twyckenham Notes’, ‘Tammy’, ‘Clear Water Poetry’, ‘Bonnie’s Crew’, ‘Abstract: Contemporary Expressions’, ‘Ink & Voices’ and ‘Okaydonkey’. He edits at ‘ABCTales’ and has a collection entitled ‘I dreamt I wrote another me’ available through Cerasus Poetry and Amazon.

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