Samuel Beckett

Beckett gives expression to the expressionless, which reflects my experiences of mental health. He allows himself to be immersed in the void, and by doing so, he own the void.

Richard Brautigan

Brautigan’s writing is full of childlike wonder, naivety and simplicity, while at the same time juggling with an adult feeling of weariness and isolation.

Paul Durcan

Durcan’s poems have a casualness, a conversational tone to them which I could never emulate. His personality is everywhere across his work.

If This Is A Man – Primo Levi

For me, the ultimate firsthand chronicle of the Jewish Holocaust. The level of endurance needed to survive the suffering Levi encountered is forever inspiring.

The Gospels of the Holy Bible

Even if you don’t have faith, the message of love, tolerance and understanding towards humanity serves as a bedrock for how we can lead our lives today amidst a crazy world.

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Colin Dardis is a poet, editor, arts coordinator and sound artist from Northern Ireland. His new collection is ‘The Dogs of Humanity’ (Fly on the Wall Press, 2019).

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