… as she
softly writes: Eating pussy
is like poetry
. She loves when
I land on my knees, grabbing
her ankles, feeling our lips
converse, I hear her iPhone fall,
her eyes close when my tongue
recites my filthiest love verses
goes deeper: I can tell
She approves
the last thing she types:
I am ready...

from “Sext Her Private Poetry”

For some reason my parents kept their copy of The Story of O in the middle drawer of the back counter in the kitchen. I’ve never asked them, but they also never asked or never knew that the book had been gone for more than a month as I sneaked page by page in my room by the light of my alarm clock, and discovered sensations I didn’t yet understand. It’s not often you have the opportunity to truly be dominated by poetry, then Adrian Ernesto Cepeda’s Between the Spine: A Collection of Erotic Love Poems. gives you that chance and so much more. This is The Story of O, and you are the Sub to the syntax and the semantics of sex.

What if I wrote you love
poems? Maybe compose them
a little softer as my tip gently grazes
lines demanding they become words

from “As I Sit Here Waiting…”

These are so much more than erotic poems. These are poems about the immediacy and physicality of lovers and poetry. This is the intersection at the corner of hard-ons and Hemingway. These are bedtime stories for adults who yearn to satisfy their partners with more than just the flick of a page. These will get you going. These will eventually make you put the book down and gently stroke their skin. This is the moment where “she always / knows how to send me rising / with each climaxing sound, closer / I beg to keep her letters coming…. / my love / must know, she is my poem.”

Because Cepeda wants you to be the paper to your lover’s pen. Because poetry is so much more than words on paper. Because sometimes sex is more than sex. Sometimes sex is the poem you become for your partner when they need you the most.

Purchase your copy of Between the Spine: A Collection of Erotic Love Poems from Picture Show Press.

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