E.M. Forster

Forster’s satirical voice is amazing. While poking fun at social norms and mores, he makes us take a “tongue-in-cheek look at ourselves”.

Thomas Hardy

Hardy;s characters are rich and complex. Plus, no one speaks to the duality of life (and humanness) like him.


The author(s) known as Homer tell a Hell of a story.

Kurt Vonnegut

I love Vonnegut’s imagination and its amazing ability to conform to motley plots and circumstances. His speeches are also wildly hilarious…yet poignant.

Raymond Carver

The thing I have always admired about Carver’s writing is that one feels like they popped into (and out of) the characters’ lives during one of many critical moments in their lives. The stories are simple, honest, and not always pretty (i.e., beautifully authentic).

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