I would like a nontextual lover, one categorically opposed to all forms of sexts. That is: you must be corporeal, and deeply proud of your flesh and blood. Am particularly interested in trans-body love affairs i.e. give me your blood, replace my marrow with yours. My tongue sutured to your tongue. Your mind in mine.

NB: This is NOT a call for medical fetishists or similar thrill seekers. Only serious connoisseurs of cross-body love need apply.

@thegoldfinch Lisbon, Portugal
from “Netflix and Chill”

I once had a Furry in the back of my car. I was Ubering away, as he was telling me about the Squirrel suit he was carrying with him. He was meeting someone for an Anthropomorphic Convention. It was their first date. Their tinder conversation must have gone like this:

Squirrel Man: So, I like to put on squirrel suits and roll around with other squirrel friends. Are you a squirrel? Let’s convention!

Squirrel Date: I just repaired my tail, glued the teeth back into the head, and put a condom in my pocket.

The above could be straight out of Human Tetris, the collaborative collection from Vi Khi Nao & Ali Raz (11:11 Press). This grouping of awkwardly-oddly-sickly-sweet leaves you wondering if you need a hot shower or a cold one. It makes you wonder what you’re friends are writing on the ol’ Tinder feed, and whether or not you should worry about any of them.

Sometimes we are bored. Sometimes we are lonely. Sometimes we are horny. Sometimes we have to turn around and around and around again to simply fit.

Purchase your copy of Human Tetris from 11:11 Press.

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