Sharon Olds

Sharon writes as exploration rather than declaration. She seems to enter a page, not with something to say but with a thought to orbit around. As a reader, I am exploring with her, reaching my own conclusions while she reaches hers.

Lidia Yuknavitch

She transformed what writing could be for me; she made hers a bit dirty and raw and completely honest. She is someone who doesn’t hide parts of herself to please her audience. I want that grit between my teeth too.

Danez Smith

Their words get into my blood. They feels intensely and is somehow able to translate that so precisely onto a page. Their art feeds my own.

Lorrie Moore

She cracks herself up. She reminds me to write what I enjoy reading. She relishes in telling a story and owns her style.

Tobias Wolff

He is a master of the craft, telling just enough, knowing where the story is and how to follow it. His stories are driven by the human conscience, a mystery I am always exploring.

Holly Pelesky is a lover of spreadsheets, giant sandwiches, and handwritten letters. Her poems are bound in Quiver: A Sexploration. She holds an MFA from the University of Nebraska. She cobbles together gigs to pay off loans and eke by, refusing to give up this writing life. She lives in Omaha with her two sons.

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